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Betty Comes to Stay

This is my friend Betty, who frequently comes to stay up here with us at Christmas House.

Like most cats she does a lot of snoozing (when the elves let her) and she doesn’t  have time for all the magical folks here, she just thwacks anyone who gets on her nerves. There’s no messing with Betty, even Santa keeps his distance!

We play endless games of hide and seek, as there are so many wonderful places to hide. She eat copious amounts of smoked salmon (I don’t get a look in until she’s finished) as that’s her favourite food. I do so love having her visit, as she thinks the elves are a nuisance too and doesn’t think twice about chasing them around the house, until they’re puffing away like steam engines!


Published by santascat

I am not just a cat, I'm Santa's cat.

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