Deaf Lottie’s Birthday Banquet

What better thing to start with than Lottie’s birthday, which is not exactly an adventure for most of us, but has been an awfully big adventure for her.

A Special Evening for a Special Mog!

That was Deaf Lottie’s birthday banquet. A wonderful evening enjoyed by all, with a fabulous array of costumes. The food and drink was divine and so was the company! Well done!! Gorden (f****ing) Ramsay couldn’t have done better!!

Dear Lottie, being 18 years young, was on fine form and looked as beautiful as ever in her green silk evening gown. Almost royal!

LennyStaff turned up in a magnificent suit of gold armour, while CatWeasel spoke in old English all evening and nobody could understand a word he said. They both looked great though!

Mia and Manu created chaos, (as usual), when the falcon they brought with them got loose. It dive-bombed the banqueting table, helped itself to a roast duck, then promptly flew out the window. Mikey chased after it on his old nag horse and managed to retrieve it undamaged! The falcon was last spotted this afternoon inside Ryker heading for the hills.

Charlie Chips looked absolutely spiffing, with his trusty canine steed   (very novel that!!) Betsy Blue Eyes also did her duty, plying copious amounts of sherry to Lottie, (purely medicinal) to boost her energy, as she was having difficulty keeping up with her incoming tweets. A job well  done I think!

My thanks to Tinkie, for allowing me to smash him in the face with a custard pie and to Zoby, (stunning in her little red dress), for receiving a pie in her face with such dignity. Well caught!

The splendiferous outfits that adorned The Tardis Toms was a vision to behold. They were eager to tell all that, “In Tudor times when they had no telly, folks would amuse themselves with Blood! Death! and Rumpy-Pumpy!”

Mr Pie arrived, riding (ha!) his trusty steed. Festooned with swords,  daggers and all sorts of other rubbish things bestowed on a noble cat. After dismounting, (falling on his butt), he led Lottie into the banqueting hall where she declared the Banquet officially open!

Lottie had hardly finished saying “open” when the guests descended like a plague of  locusts and stripped the table of its contents. I personally, have never seen a table so full of food devoured so quickly. It was a pleasure to behold and made me proud to be a cat!!

WheezyGob entertained everyone with deafening unbelievable yodelling from dear Goblin and ukulele playing from Catweasel, their dulcet tones ricocheting across Twitter.

With a little encouragement, (couldn’t hold her back), Lottie led her guests in a birthday Conga, followed by the Time Warp to everyone’s delight, finishing off with the hokey cokey. A good time was had by all!

A big thank you must be given to Mr Pie for organising the event and to barktenders, chefs, DJ’s and musicians for their wonderful contributions.

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By the way, you can find out lots more about Lottie in my “Lotsa Lottie” interview.

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