Lotsa Lottie

Following Lottie’s birthday bash, she very kindly agreed to answer a few questions, to enable us to see the true Lottie we know and love. I feel honoured to have participated in this interview.  Please enjoy!

1. Did you enjoy your recent birthday banquet on Twitter?

Loved the banq – was very honoured.

2. What’s your favourite brand of laxatives?

2. Who’s the most famous person you would like to take tea with?

The queen – I believe she is refined n likes sherry..

3. Have you ever had a *Brief encounter*?

*shocked ears* I’m a laydee! nearest was an almost virtual romance with Charlie_chan on twitter, we were gonna go for a ride in his pink cadillac he was getting 4 his 18th berfday last year, but sadly he went OTRB 2 weeks before, I had a new dress and bonnet all sorted.

4. Have you got all your own teeth?

4. What do you think of the youth of today?

The yoof of today need a good bat round the ear – have you met leonard – he is learning – slowly.

5. Would you like to share your memories of the English Civil war?

Memories of the English civil war? we won!! I couldn’t decide if I should be roundhead or a cavlier though!

6. What action do you take when the vet takes your temperature?

The vet doesnt get near enough to take my temp – I have very good teef and I don’t do vets, or tablets or medicines – not ever.

7. What’s your favourite film?

Fave film: Aristocats

8. Are you finding flatulence a problem in old age?

8. What do you wish for yourself in your golden years?

Golden yrs wish – gingers leave me alone

9. If I gave you a Bulldozer what would you like to demolish?

Is it a CATerpillar?

10. What’s the best Christmas present you have ever had?

I discovered cat nip in my later yrs – the cat nip mouse n scratching pad is mine all mine!

I decided to call it a day at this point in our interview, as Lottie calmly fell asleep, tightly clutching her nip mouse and scratching pad. This old bat lady of the feline world, can (in my opinion) be considered a true national dragon treasure!

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