Panfurs of the Caribbean

A Wonderful Adventure for a Brave Mog!

Captain Wolfie Hook and his cut-throat band of pirates, set sail For Panfur Island, in search of buried treasure.

After a disastrous rocky start (due to the fact that everyone was plastered), the sails went up and there was a lot of waving of cutlasses and drinking of rum.

For all of five minuets months, they sailed the Seven Seas, fighting off killer whales, giant sharks and mermaids – a danger to all seafaring mogs.

Goblin set up camp in the crows nest to keep lookout for the island, while Pie spent a lot of time snoring in his hammock, in between consuming large quantities if rum and chips.

He’s always had piggy gourmet taste. Then to everyone’s surprise, he walked the plank into shark infested waters. There’s no telling what some folk will do next!

“Land ahoy!” yodelled Gobbers.

After extracting the Tardis Toms from the rigging, Captain Wolfie gave the order to lower a longboat. Within seconds, dozens of mogs piled themselves three deep into the boat and headed for shore.

The moment the boat touched the beach, they all jumped out and made sand castles plans to find the treasure. Captain Wolfie spread the map out on the sand and pointed to the big red cross saying, “There be the treasure, me hearty scabs!”

Within seconds, Lickrish, Lee, Dylan, Weasel and a few other members of the crew, dashed off carrying spades, (and Captain Wolfie), shouting “We’re gonna be rich! Finders keepers!” and disappeared into the jungle.

Mrs C and Mr Tibbs set up the BBQ on the beach, ready to celebrate finding the treasure and soon had a huge vat of chipsies on the go. Charlie chips and Jazzman entertained everyone with good music and a selection of pirate songs, while Tinkie consumed a vast small amount of rum. It was very strange, he seemed to be permanently covered in custard pies!!

The crew dug holes all over the place, until at last Wolfie’s spade hit something hard and there was a blood curdling scream as he pulled the spade out of Alba’s foot. “Oops, sorry about that, matey!”

Then suddenly, somebody shouted “I’ve found it!” There in the sand lay a huge chest, full to the brim with gold doubloons, sparkling in the sun. After a lot of fighting over the booty, Captain Wolfie waved his hook and insisted it was to be shared between everyone, or they’d get a taste of his hook! Then back to camp they went happily carrying their treasure.

On their return to camp, the marauding mogs drank vast quantities of ale and rum. The chip pan was filled over and over again and the BBQ was piled high with scrumptious food. A good time was had by all, it truly was a trip to remember!

Get yer telescope out to view this gallery of a few of the rogues and scallywags:

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