Interview With Wolfie

In celebration of Wolfie‘s recovery having had his leg amputated, I decided to interview such a brave panfur. Hope you enjoy it!

Are you totally recovered from your operation?

I am fully over the operation but have to a) build up my front leg & shoulder muscles now to compensate for just having the one and b) wait for my fur to grow back. They shaved lots of it off and it is quite chilly – specially in the snow! Brrr!!!

Have you got a special wish?

My special wish would be for all anipals to find a loving home but my extra specialist wish is that NO anipal will ever be pts because…they are homeless ever again!

What’s the most difficult thing about being a tripod?

The most difficult thing at the moment is I keep forgetting and try to move the leg I haven’t got…like when I first wake up!

Did you enjoy your Panfurs of the Caribbean adventure?

#PofC was the best adventure ever!!! I had so much fun and all my pals We all dressed up and it was just pawsome!

If you could change the colour of a giraffe, what colour would it be?

I think giraffes are cool but if I had to change their colour I would make them purple…cos I think they would be the only purple anipals on the planet!

What’s your favourite food to eat?

My favourite food is TUNA. Drools at thought!

Do you think a panfur should share the throne with the Queen?

No I don’t think so, when we take over the world it will just confuse things!

What’s your favourite film?

My favourite film ever is Puss in Boots – he is my hero!

If you had to design a flag for the North Pole what would you put on it?

I would put Santa’s Cat on the flag at the North Pole!

Do you have any advice for young panfurs?

All young panfurs need to know that they are the coolest of cats and therefore need to be…extra hard working & set a good example to all other cats everywhere! #PanfurPower

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I am not just a cat, I'm Santa's cat.

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