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Easter Pawrade 2015 – Edible Easter Bonnets

This was one of my all-time favourite years because I like my nosh and all these Easter Bonnets looked good enough to eat. The theme for this year’s hats was food of course. What kind was up to you.

Our judges had a difficult decision to make with so many mouthwatering hats, especially as it was before lunch. They might have done a taste-test here and there when nobody was looking.

There were some real innovations – including bonnets made of fruit, veg, chips, sausages and even a croissant! If our Easter Pawrade looks like your kind of virtual fun, why not join us next year? Animals are especially welcome, but humans can come too. Follow me on Twitter to find out when the next event is. Or keep an eye on this page for announcements about Easter Pawrades.

All the hats from 2015 were fabulous, but our judges thought these finalists were especially delicious:

And below are the all the others – well done to everyone!


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