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Easter Pawrade 2016 – Eastern Dynasty Bonnets

This year, the Easter Bonnets were meant to be inspired by ancient, far-Eastern Dynasties. Lots of fun was had with this idea, and no sense of seriousness, of course.

When it comes to having an Easter Pawrade, the cranky folks on Twitter know how to enjoy themselves. The day started with @The_Tardis_Toms shoving encouraging the participants into the Tardis for the journey back in time to ancient China.

There were so many inebriated excited anipals all looking forward to strutting their stuff dressed in their hideous beautiful outfits, I felt quite embarrassed proud to be part of the celebrations.

Once on board the Tardis, the celebrations started with a glass of bubbly and a round of applause for the inebriated pilots, Benny and Fancy. 

Everyone was in the mood for a right good knees up a jolly day out and before long they were all doing the conga around the pilot’s bridge, bumping into delicate instruments and pressing any button that was red and said danger.

Half an hour later, amazingly we reached our destination, where everyone staggered out gracefully walked out of the Tardis making a spectacle of themselves displaying their beautiful Easter costumes. Here they all are:


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