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Time Travel to the Gold Rush – Mogbus 2017

The #mogbus crowd took something of an unusual trip in 2017 – a journey through time!  You can read all about it below but if you’re a fellow time-traveller, maybe you’d like to see if you can find yourself first, in Goldtown of the Wild West.

To see the biggest picture of all us anipals in Gold Rush City click or tap here.

Here’s how the trip went…

It was a fine start to the day when @The_Tardis_Toms crash landed in a puff of steam and smoke, in their Tardis, ready to take all our twitter pals on the #GoldRush day out. We all had our gear to pan for gold, shovels, picks,Whisky pans and plenty of baked beans to keep us all regular from getting hungry.

Entering the Tardis was like stepping back in time as the Toms had redecorated the inside like a real wild west dump saloon. Before long we were drunk off on our adventure, with the hopes of finding another saloon gold in them thar hills.

As we arrived the atmosphere was smelly electric, so much so, that we could hardly contain ourselves from throwing up opening the doors before we had landed. Thanks to Puddy and his Health & Safety rubbish advice we arrived without any accidents and bored ridged keen to race off for the loo gold.

The race was off with *Karen and the Freaky ferrets* leading the race, closely followed by a drunken mob *The Mouscateers*. At the back was *DebsDonna Mogs*, crawling racing along like a slug greyhounds after a tortoise hare. Before long, The *Mouscateers* were in the lead, ready to stake their claim to the best bit of swamp land that they could find.

Most of our twitter idiots pals worked like moles, digging away like mad things bulldozers in search of gold nuggets. @Mr_Pie seemed to find huge amounts of gold, as if by magic, just after he arrived back from robbing the bank. He claims to have opened an account. with the help of a gun.

What a jolly day we all had and what a lot of fools gold we found. Yet another ridiculous wonderful #mogbus trip to forget remember. I’m dreading looking forward to next years #jollydayout as I’m sure you all are too.
#goldrush This is the gallery so far.


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