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Submarine Search for the Lost City of Atlantis – MogBus 2018

In case you’re new, a MogBus outing is a virtual event on Twitter, when my anipals and I get on an imaginary bus or a train or a plane or a sleigh, or in this case a submarine, and co-create a hilarious and exciting journey. We call it a *Jolly Day Out*. Look out for the next one – I’ll announce it here – everyone’s always welcome.

2018’s *Jolly Day Out* #MogSub trip took us on an exciting adventure under the ocean, looking for the allusive city of Atlantis. Fortunately,  my mate Mark the Shark reckoned he knew where it was and not only that he had a map.

Disregarding the map as Mark is totally unreliable and a compulsive liar we all boardeded the bright yellow MogSub in our usual  chaotic  manner. Our two superhero captains Super Fudge and Super Smooch, played with all the red buttons confidently switched on the engine and blew the horn to let everyone know that we were ready to cast off on our ridiculous trip.

Tap or click here to see the biggest picture of our MogSub.

Want to know more? Visit #MogSub and #MogBus on Twitter.

Here’s our fearless seafaring crew:

Here are a few Tweets from anipals having fun on this adventure:


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