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This website belongs to me, Santa’s Cat…

I made it myself between naps. I live at Christmas House with the reindeer, the elves, far too many fairies, a polar bear, a few other furry friends… oh, and Santa of course! It’s jolly cold up here at the North Pole and I spend a good deal of my time curled up by the nearest fire.  Fortunately, there are lots of fireplaces in Christmas House, although you have to be a bit careful, because sometimes there are dragons curled up inside the flames. Dragons don’t have much time for cats… unless they’re hungry I’m afraid!

I am a deeply magical cat – although that’s not unusual in Santa’s house as pretty much everything is magical, even the tables and chairs!  It’s a very noisy place to live.  The elves are always singing or whistling while they work and Santa barely utters a sentence these days without a booming, “Ho, ho, ho!” at the end.  The reindeer are always galloping around neighing and even the Christmas trees won’t stop whispering. “Whisper, whisper, whisper!” every afternoon when I’m trying to take my nap. As you can imagine, it isn’t easy to write this website which so much going on – not to mention that the magic in the air can play havoc with my internet connection – but somehow I manage, in spite of it all.

Finally, I am also a shining example of someone who is good all year and deserves lots of Christmas presents… and I never, ever chase fairies. I never even think about them. I am completely oblivious to their tiny wings fluttering past by nose and it never even crosses my mind that they might be far more tasty than any mouse. No, I never think of them. Never. Never. Never. So there.

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