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Christmas Party on Mars – 2016

My Christmas events take place in real time on Twitter with all my Twitter pals, usually a few days before Christmas. This year was literally out of this world when we left the Earth far behind us: destination Mars. Catch up with the details below or have a look what some of us got upContinue reading “Christmas Party on Mars – 2016”

Easter Pawrade 2016 – Eastern Dynasty Bonnets

This year, the Easter Bonnets were meant to be inspired by ancient, far-Eastern Dynasties. Lots of fun was had with this idea, and no sense of seriousness, of course. When it comes to having an Easter Pawrade, the cranky folks on Twitter know how to enjoy themselves. The day started with @The_Tardis_Toms shoving encouraging theContinue reading “Easter Pawrade 2016 – Eastern Dynasty Bonnets”

Christmas House Snowball Fight – 2015

This Christmas I invited all my anipals from Twitter over for a giant snowball fight.  The house in the picture is Christmas House – my beautiful home at the North Pole. Santa believes it belongs to him, but in fact that’s nonsense, it’s all mine. Like all my events, the snowball fight took place virtuallyContinue reading “Christmas House Snowball Fight – 2015”

Easter Pawrade 2015 – Edible Easter Bonnets

This was one of my all-time favourite years because I like my nosh and all these Easter Bonnets looked good enough to eat. The theme for this year’s hats was food of course. What kind was up to you. Our judges had a difficult decision to make with so many mouthwatering hats, especially as itContinue reading “Easter Pawrade 2015 – Edible Easter Bonnets”

Mogs to Mardi Gras – Mogbus 2015

All aboard the airbus! In 2015 we took to the skies to invade New Orleans and liven up the Mardi Gras as only Twitter aniplas can!  #mogairbus #mogbus Mogbus trips take place once a year, co-imagined by folks on Twitter. Everyone is welcome and you can always join us on the next one. The aeroplaneContinue reading “Mogs to Mardi Gras – Mogbus 2015”

Christmas on Ice Skating Party – 2014

Ah, frosty air and frozen lakes! Christmas 2014 was a Christmas on thin ice.  Skates were donned on feet and hooves and paws, and a magical time was had by all.  Like all the events you’ll see on this website, this skating party was for anyone who wanted to join in, and took place virtually,Continue reading “Christmas on Ice Skating Party – 2014”

Easter Pawrade 2014 – Beautiful Bonnets

On the bonnet front, 2014 was a splendid year for us anipals, celebrating beautiful things. As usual our Easter Pawrade took place on Twitter. If you’ve never joined us, why not come along next year? If you don’t have the ability to put a hat on your Twitter avatar, I can probably help you out,Continue reading “Easter Pawrade 2014 – Beautiful Bonnets”

Christmas Chat from Santa’s Cat

Here are some thoughts on life at the North Pole from Santa’s Cat… Christmas, Christmas, Christmas! I’ve had enough of Christmas. All the elves are running around, too busy to fuss me and give me my usual treats. There are presents everywhere, in the living room in the kitchen, in the hall and even onContinue reading “Christmas Chat from Santa’s Cat”

Haunted House Sleepover 2013

The Haunted House Sleepover #PanfurPawty is an event which was held on Twitter to raise money for feral and domestic cats in need. The donations made a big difference. A big thank you to all who took part! It was a scary night, even for Halloween. There were spooks everywhere you looked. We had noContinue reading “Haunted House Sleepover 2013”

Whodunnit on the Orient Express?

It was a warm evening, when the passengers started to board the Orient Express… Everyone was full of excitement at the prospect of a wonderful extravagant overland journey to Venice, dinning on Champagne and caviare and having a right good knees-up taking in the sights. The voyagers were wearing the finest cloths that money couldContinue reading “Whodunnit on the Orient Express?”