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Surfing Day Out – Mogbus 2019

What a fine day we had for the 2019 Jolly Day Out #Mogbus trip to Newquay in Cornwall. Not a cloud in the sky, just a big fat sun glowing especially  for us. The bus drivers were drunk bubbling with excitement at the prospect of all their mad pals piling onto the two buses, readyContinue reading “Surfing Day Out – Mogbus 2019”

Submarine Search for the Lost City of Atlantis – MogBus 2018

In case you’re new, a MogBus outing is a virtual event on Twitter, when my anipals and I get on an imaginary bus or a train or a plane or a sleigh, or in this case a submarine, and co-create a hilarious and exciting journey. We call it a *Jolly Day Out*. Look out forContinue reading “Submarine Search for the Lost City of Atlantis – MogBus 2018”

Time Travel to the Gold Rush – Mogbus 2017

The #mogbus crowd took something of an unusual trip in 2017 – a journey through time!  You can read all about it below but if you’re a fellow time-traveller, maybe you’d like to see if you can find yourself first, in Goldtown of the Wild West. To see the biggest picture of all us anipalsContinue reading “Time Travel to the Gold Rush – Mogbus 2017”

Mogs to Mardi Gras – Mogbus 2015

All aboard the airbus! In 2015 we took to the skies to invade New Orleans and liven up the Mardi Gras as only Twitter aniplas can!  #mogairbus #mogbus Mogbus trips take place once a year, co-imagined by folks on Twitter. Everyone is welcome and you can always join us on the next one. The aeroplaneContinue reading “Mogs to Mardi Gras – Mogbus 2015”