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Furry Friends

Being Santa’s Cat means I have lots of friends.  Not as many as Santa maybe, but I’m getting there.  Perhaps you’re one of them?  If not and you want to be my friend, the best way to go about this is to follow me on Twitter.

I am happy to have most animals as friends… although I am rather suspicious of dogs.  I have a special place in my stomach heart for mice… oh, and birds… and goldfish.  Other cats are always welcome of course, for cats, as you may know, are probably the most wonderful creatures on our planet and are absolutely marvellous in every way.

Anyway, the purpose of this page is to honour you, dear furry friends… and with this in mind, I shall add news, pictures and whatever else comes along about those who share my online life.

Below, you should be able to find all my posts about furry friends so far…

Interview With Wolfie

In celebration of Wolfie‘s recovery having had his leg amputated, I decided to interview such a brave panfur. Hope you enjoy it! Are you totally recovered from your operation? I am fully over the operation but have to a) build up my front leg & shoulder muscles now to compensate for just having the oneContinue reading “Interview With Wolfie”


Lotsa Lottie

Following Lottie’s birthday bash, she very kindly agreed to answer a few questions, to enable us to see the true Lottie we know and love. I feel honoured to have participated in this interview.  Please enjoy! 1. Did you enjoy your recent birthday banquet on Twitter? Loved the banq – was very honoured. 2. What’sContinue reading “Lotsa Lottie”

A Chat with CatWeasel

And for those of you who’ve been waiting for it, here’s the other half of the Wheezygob duo… CatWeasel. Find out what makes him tick in this ten question interview: What’s the best thing about being a cat? Everything, obviously, cats are just pawsome! You get to sleep a lot and get waited on pawContinue reading “A Chat with CatWeasel”

Interview with Goblin

Decided to find out a bit more about my furry friends and caught up with Goblin, half of the talented Wheezygob duo, for a quick interview… What’s the best thing about being a cat? Well, obviously being da most intelligent creature on da planet has it’s benefits…  being a cat means dat I doe snotContinue reading “Interview with Goblin”


Twitter’s one and only black panfur boy band, whose talent exceeds all others. Let’s pay homage to Goblin, whose yodelling has got to be heard to be believed and CatWeasel, whose ukulele  playing would make George Formby cry envious. Many a time WheezyGob have serenaded us with their original lyrics, specially written for the occasionContinue reading “WheezyGob”

My Pal Mr Pie

Mr Pie, (also known as Mince), is one of our national Twitter treasures. Like most pies, he is crisp on the outside, soft and witty on the inside and easy to digest! We have had many a fun pie fight, (I throw them, he eats them) and have been on numerous virtual adventures with the rest ofContinue reading “My Pal Mr Pie”

Betty Comes to Stay

This is my friend Betty, who frequently comes to stay up here with us at Christmas House. Like most cats she does a lot of snoozing (when the elves let her) and she doesn’t  have time for all the magical folks here, she just thwacks anyone who gets on her nerves. There’s no messing withContinue reading “Betty Comes to Stay”

The Tardis Toms

Here today… gone tomorrow… back again yesterday! The Tardis Toms zoom around in time and space, with a well known doctor in tow. Benny and Fancy are their names, touring the universe is their game! It’s been my pleasure to go on numerous trips to the moon along with fellow Twitter comrades, and the TardisContinue reading “The Tardis Toms”

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