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Other Adventures

Welcome, fellow adventurer!

This page is a record of those adventures which are not listed elsewhere. From murder mysteries on the Orient Express to swashbuckling in the Caribbean, we anipals get up to all sorts. You can join us by keeping an eye on my Twitter feed, where is there’s a new adventure afoot, I let my followers know.

You might also want to check out our trips on the MogBus.  Anyone can join me on my virtual escapades.  They all take place on Twitter.

Whodunnit on the Orient Express?

It was a warm evening, when the passengers started to board the Orient Express… Everyone was full of excitement at the prospect of a wonderful extravagant overland journey to Venice, dinning on Champagne and caviare and having a right good knees-up taking in the sights. The voyagers were wearing the finest cloths that money could…

Panfurs of the Caribbean

A Wonderful Adventure for a Brave Mog! Captain Wolfie Hook and his cut-throat band of pirates, set sail For Panfur Island, in search of buried treasure. After a disastrous rocky start (due to the fact that everyone was plastered), the sails went up and there was a lot of waving of cutlasses and drinking of…

Deaf Lottie’s Birthday Banquet

What better thing to start with than Lottie’s birthday, which is not exactly an adventure for most of us, but has been an awfully big adventure for her. A Special Evening for a Special Mog! That was Deaf Lottie’s birthday banquet. A wonderful evening enjoyed by all, with a fabulous array of costumes. The food…

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