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Easter Pawrade 2014 – Beautiful Bonnets

On the bonnet front, 2014 was a splendid year for us anipals, celebrating beautiful things. As usual our Easter Pawrade took place on Twitter. If you’ve never joined us, why not come along next year? If you don’t have the ability to put a hat on your Twitter avatar, I can probably help you out, but I can get a bit flooded with requests as Easter draws near, so do make sure you let me know a few weeks in advance.

What a wonderful event this year’s Easter Pawrade was, with dozens of anipals in their ridiculous glorious Easter Bonnets. What imagination went into some of the hats, with little rabbits, chicks, flowers and all sorts of delicious creatures festooning their heads. Congratulations to everyone who entered.

The day was sunny and bright, just the sort of weather for our annual knees up Easter bonnet competition. There were lots of delicious nibbles, glasses of Champagne and great excitement all round, as the contestants eagerly awaited the old soaks judges. The atmosphere was electric, with cameras flashing and rounds of applauds for all.

Everyone took their turn staggering down the catwalk as the judges were legless scrutinising every single bonnet and taking bribes care to choose the most colourful and lucrative creatively designed head apparel. They deliberated, cogitated, digested, fell asleep, and at length chose the fifteen semifinalists. Here they are in all their glory:

The task of finding the winner and runners up was now paramount for the judges. They stuffed their faces, took a little more sustenance, settled down,for a snooze, and after what seemed like hours of exhausting decision making, and three bottles of nip port, they nailed the final six:

A big *WELL DONE!* to everyone, the turnout was superb as were the bonnets. A huge thank you too must be given to the judges, when they sober up for their time and effort. Snork! All there is left to say now is, I look forward with despair, to next year for yet another mind boggling display of Easter bonnets. Thank you one and all.

Below is the complete collection of other hats from the aniplas who took part in the 2014 Easter Bonnet Pawrade. A massive well done!


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