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Interview with Goblin

Decided to find out a bit more about my furry friends and caught up with Goblin, half of the talented Wheezygob duo, for a quick interview…

What’s the best thing about being a cat?

Well, obviously being da most intelligent creature on da planet has it’s benefits…  being a cat means dat I doe snot have to work for a living and dat I has staff to wait on me, which is just as it should be, of course. I fink da very best fing about being a cat is dat you gets to hang out wiv other cats, and dat is way cool!

Who’s your favourite performer?

Wivout a doubt is is Mr George Formby da maestro of da ukeleleleleleelelee eee. second to George it would have to be Hank Williams.

Would you ever steal from the fridge?

Yes.  Given da opportunity I would. What sorta cat would I be if I didn’t?

Eating or sleeping.  Which d’you like best?

Eating, just… I likes eating, I likes chipses very much, very much indeed, and fried eggses.

If you were a biscuit,which kind would you be?

I would be a little cracker

Do you think the Queen should have cats rather than dogs?

*laughs* are you bein’ serious? Yes, of course she should.

What’s the best Christmas present you’ve ever had?

Well, I always enjoys nip toys from da Natural Pet Company, and I always gets a tin of tooona. It’s very hard to choose between da two…

If I gave you an elephant, where would you hide it?

In my panfur box…

Do you have a message for your fans?

Hello fans! I hopes you will continue to support Wheezygob and to enjoy our unique brand of music and yodelising.

What’s your definition of happiness?

Some nip, a tin of tuna, a date wiv @Poppy_kitten and palying da ukeleleleleleleeeeleleleee wiv my mate Weas #Wheezygob


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I am not just a cat, I'm Santa's cat.

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